Research and Analytics

Leverage your existing data to improve institutional and student outcomes

The TEG Analytics and Research Practice is comprised of analytics and research experts, with decades of analytics and research experience, holding advanced degrees in fields ranging from statistics to computer sciences, partnered with operating experts with deep operational and technology experience in education. The team applies contemporary techniques and is equipped with the most advanced tools and technology. We partner with institutions to understand their needs and develop actionable solutions that meet short and long term objectives. TEG provides cutting edge data analysis services for both quantitative and qualitative data. Our team will apply the most appropriate analysis techniques to ensure reliable solutions for your institution.
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Online Program Advisory and Services

Deliver the highest quality, cost-effective online programs

We partner with institutions to deliver quality programs online. We provide services for the end-to-end online experience. We have comprehensive expertise in service delivery and technology solutions. We are experts at achieving quality growth for institutions and will ensure a high quality, differentiated online program design and experience. We can assist institutions with insourcing and outsourcing decisions to ensure a seamless and comprehensive set of services with the highest quality and best return on investment for the institution.
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Marketing and Enrollment Management Services

Grow your enrollment while improving the student experience and retention

We provide full prospect-to-graduate advisory in marketing, enrollment management, retention services and alumni engagement. Through our data-driven approach, we will help your institution evaluate your marketing and enrollment goals, programmatic offerings and channel strategies while bringing industry best practices and technology solutions for consideration and/or implementation. Our services include:
  • Inquiry Awareness and Generation
  • Enrollment Management and Conversion Optimization
  • Student Services and Integrated Communication
  • Alumni Engagement
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Academic Services

Build and enhance the quality of academic programs and services

TEG’s experts in academics, research and analytics have extensive experience in university administration, research, data analytics, accreditation, assessment and teaching. We assist institutions with the comprehensive academic experience to ensure a seamless set of services with the highest quality and best outcomes for the institution. Our primary services include:

  • Research and Analytics
  • Accreditation
  • Academic Program Development
  • Faculty and Student Success
  • Online Migration
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Strategic Financial Services

Achieve your financial goals without compromise

TEG has expertise in planning, analysis, modeling, capital raising, regulatory compliance (e.g. composite score), controllership and treasury services for higher education. Our team has extensive experience optimizing capital structure and developing metric-driven strategic plans and budgets that provide the necessary visibility and analysis to ensure effective execution of institutional strategies.

Financial Aid Solutions

Reduce costs of administration, increase cash flows and enhance the student experience

Financial aid administration is at the heart of the student experience, and essential to ensure effective growth, compliance and prudent student borrowing. TEG’s experts have decades of experience managing compliance, systems and administration of financial aid for hundreds of colleges and universities. Whether you are a small college or a system of colleges we will help design, implement, optimize and/or manage your financial aid administration to ensure efficiency, compliance and excellent student experience. Specific services include:
  • Financial Aid Outsourcing
  • Financial Aid Optimization Strategies
  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory
  • Financial Aid Insourcing
  • System and Process Optimization
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Technology Solutions

Leverage technology to grow your institution, improve student outcomes and reduce costs.

Our principals have extensive experience with the education technology solutions for today and tomorrow, and will help create or refine your IT strategies to ensure alignment with the institutional mission and operating goals. In addition to providing customized product solutions for institutions, we have extensive experience with implementation, configuration and integration across the major platforms in higher education, including but not limited to Oracle/PeopleSoft, Banner, CampusVue/Campus Nexus, Salesforce, Velocify, and Marketo.


TEG supports clients with strategic assessments that (a) inclusively span all institutional areas, (b) concentrate on a more restricted set of functional areas, or (c) engage a particular functional area. Each project is driven by the institution’s objectives, priorities, and environment. Our evaluations include assessing organizational alignment, business processes, technology utilization, financial and operational performance, and all levels of academic program operations.

We collaborate with institutions to deliver solutions that improve the organization and management of both academic and operational areas leading to enhanced support of their mission, drawing on experience and best practices attained from hundreds of years of cumulative team member experience, including at the highest levels of academia. Our expertise covers all core functional areas of higher education, while our approach focuses on yielding results that directly facilitate continuous improvement.

We measure success by our capacity to deliver precise, pragmatic, and actionable recommendations for improvement and to help implement changes leading to cost reduction, process efficiency, improved stakeholder satisfaction, and quality enhancement.

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