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At TEG we partner with institutions to deliver quality academic programs. We provide advisory services for the comprehensive academic experience. We have expertise in service delivery and technology solutions and will ensure a high quality, differentiated academic program design and experience. We assist institutions with insourcing and outsourcing decisions to ensure a seamless and comprehensive set of services with the highest quality and best outcomes for the institution.

Our primary services include:

  • Accreditation
  • Academic Program Development
  • Faculty and Student Success
  • Online Migration
  • Research and Analytics


TEG team members have extensive accreditation experience, that includes:

  • Working with various programmatic and regional accreditation agencies navigating complex regulatory issues
  • Transferring accreditation agencies
  • Managing multiple simultaneous accreditation processes
  • Academic program reviews
  • Working closely with accrediting bodies to interpret findings and implement changes
  • Serving as institutional liaison with accrediting bodies
  • Facilitating mock site visits
  • Communicating with all stakeholders about the accreditation process and outcomes


Our Academic Services team is adept at partnering with traditional and non-traditional (100% online) institutions to ensure engagement in the academic program development process at all levels, and especially amongst faculty, trustees, and leadership. We are committed to partnering with institutions to facilitate measurable academic achievement. We have extensive, demonstrated experience at launching successful academic programs.

The TEG team has unique expertise at developing graduate-level, in particular doctoral, online degree programs that meet the needs of working adults. These degree programs have been proven to result in student success across a variety of disciplines and result in quality academic outcomes.


  • Faculty Development, Training and Recruitment
  • Student Retention and Student Success Program Development
Our Academic Services team has a demonstrated record of implementing best practices in student retention and student success programs across a variety of institutions. Let us bring this expertise to your institution. These initiatives not only result in improved outcomes for students, but facilitate increased revenue for institutions. This ultimately results in increased investment in academic programs leading to enhanced academic quality if resources are allocated effectively.  


Are you a traditional institution looking to expand your reach to students outside your geographic boundary? Let us help you with an end-to-end solution that comprehensively explores how to build a high quality, respected online program. TEG offers a broad network of highly skilled practitioners with proven ability to successfully launch online programs designed to meet the needs of institutions and adult students.

  • Accreditation
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum Development
  • Enrollment
  • Faculty training
  • Financial aid
  • Learning Management Systems Solutions
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Student Success


  • Learning Analytics Consultation
  • Research and Predictive Data Analytics
  • University Fundraising Analytics
TEG has a Research and Analytics practice in which team members are leaders in the area of learning analytics research, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and using big data to improve modeling outcomes. We are committed to partnering with your institution to facilitate the next generation in data utilization and data facilitated outcomes. Working with your leadership team and faculty, let us show you how faculty empowered data engagement will result in student retention and overall operational excellence. Together, we will implement interventions and practices that will facilitate measurable results on your campus and at your institution.

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